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So called “Green Check-point”, where it is established, passengers crossing the border may use only if they do not possess goods which are a subject of import fees. If otherwise, “Red Check-point” is to be used, and passenger must report all goods he is carring. Import fees for goods that value less than 3000 Euros are calculated in simplified procedure, by unique Tarif rate of 10%, and when VAT is included it is aproximately 30% of the value of the goods.
Passenger can enter Republic of Sebia with personal luggage, drugs for personal use, 200 cigarettes, one parfume or one litar of alchocol beverage. Special permissions are required for live animals, pets, plants and amater radio-stations. No permission can be issued for import of guns, arms and amunition, forbidden supstances, poissons, harmfull materials and plaguates.
Passenger can freely export total amount of 10.000 Euros. The import of foreign currency is unlimited, but all passengers are obliged to report import or export of total amount of foreign currency that exceeds 10.000 Euros, due to The Law for Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.

Information on Customs formalities can be found HERE.

Non-commercial movement of animal pets

Customs certificate

For further information, please contact Consulate General.

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